Satoshi Nakamoto needs liquidity and sells Bitcoins?

Wednesday’s session started with a Bitcoin price around $9,700, maintaining the short-term lateral trend. Until suddenly the news spread that a 2009 BTC account had moved 50 Bitcoins and everything went up. Was it Satoshi Nakamoto?

At press time, the Bitcoin is trading at US$9,500, having hit a daily low of US$9,350. However, the BTC price is still stuck in its 9k-10k range.

Today’s eyes are not so much drawn to this jump in,,,,,,,,,, but rather to the movement of that 2009 account, more precisely the month of February, which moved 100% of its Bitcoins a few hours ago.

The price of the BTC is undervalued, according to analysis.

Satoshi Nakamoto moved Bitcoins?

Since the news broke, Twitter exploded with the obvious question: Was it the same Satoshi Nakamoto who moved his bitcoins? The truth is that until a few hours ago the account had only one movement in February 2009.

The Wallet had 50 BTC, which had been entered for a mining reward as far as we could tell.

Movement of 50 BTC in Satoshi Nakamoto’s account?
In the image above you can clearly see how the first movement of the account was on February 9, 2009, and then another 2 today for 40 and 9.99 BTC, completing a withdrawal of 50 Bitcoins.

As they say in bank jargon, the account was liquidated.

Did anyone need liquidity?

Because of the timing of the creation of the Bitcoin, it’s inevitable to suspect that the wallet belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto, because if it’s not his, it must be someone very close to him. At that time, not many people knew about the creation of Bitcoin.

The truth is, whether it’s Satoshi Nakamoto or not, he’s someone who needed liquidity, but why sell 50 BTCs right now? Is it to raise interest in Bitcoin after Halving?

This is all happening in the midst of the relentless Coronavirus pandemic…